Do You Agree With What We Have Presented?

Do you want to see the understanding of Matthew 18 changed throughout the Churches of God so that according to the Word of God, the prescribed amount of accountability and transparency is shown when it comes to removing a member of the Church of God from our midst?

Here is what you can do:

  • Talk to your Pastor.
    Ask your pastor specifically why do the leaders of the church bind and loosen in secrecy.  Ask them why there is no church publication written on this subject.  Ask them why has there has been no sermons given on this subject.
  • Write your own letter.
    Send a letter to your Pastor or to Headquarters and ask them what are the scriptures that support binding and loosening in secrecy.  Make it clear that you are not interested in their corporate policies, what the church traditions are, which Protestant commentaries agree with them or how this affects them legally.  Ask them for the scriptures!
  • Ask Questions.
    When a Brother or Sister in Christ has left or has been removed from your congregation- ask questions!  Call them on the phone.  Meet them in person. Break bread together.  Ask questions and find out why they aren't there and get involved.  This is our Christian responsibility!
  • Show others your support
    Be courageous and show others that you support a transparent system of binding and loosening by entering your name below.

This isn't a petition.  We don't vote as churches of God.  We seek the will of the Father through His Word. But we can clearly state what we believe, and reason with our Elders, and Leaders.


Clicking that you agree in the form below states that you agree that the word for ekklesia in Matthew 18:17 refers to the congregation, and is not and exclusive reference to the ministry.  Therefore decisions that may potentially require removing a child of God from a congregation should be done methodically, procedurally and transparently. And by transparent, meaning that members of the congregation can be present to hear and witness the decision made by the ministry, with witnesses, and accused present, allowing  both sides freedom to address with all in observance.

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